• 2010

The Moville website was developed as a product showcase and contact page for a small furniture maker. It was built from scratch after a draft mock-up created by one of the company designers. It's based on html 4 and features smooth page transitions and image sliders implemented using jQuery and JavaScript.

Barbearia S. José

  • 2012

Barbearia S. José is a small traditional neighbourhood barber shop that went for an entire redesign to keep up with modern times while maintaining that familiar touch that keept the regular costumers coming year after year. The website was designed by the same team of graphical designers that remodelled the company's image in order to keep it coherent. The implementation was in simple html with a slider created using jQuery. Unfortunately the page never reached it's final version due to missing content by the owners.


  • 2013

Diver is one of the main toys, collectibles and trading card games importer and distributor in Portugal. It sells both to resellers and general public in Portugal, Spain, France and Brazil trough their online shop. This project started to be a makeover to the previous one in order to improve the interface and update the loaded e-commerce platform to version 7 but after being disappointed by the lack of some features on this new version it was decided to implement it using prestashop. The theme was customized to feature the elements the client wanted and, in this version, it's just missing the products.


  • 2014

The MotorTech company it's a new car performance and repair shop. As they needed a stronger public image they choose for a contact website to make people aware of their services and professionalism. Since the website was to be mobile friendly it was implemented using a heavily customized bootstrap theme. It also uses a few extra javascript and php functions to fullfill the requirements set for this project.


  • 2014

My personal webpage was created in between jobs and it serves as a portfolio and as an easy way to access my games and consoles collection. As the main focus was mobile compatibility it was based on a customized responsive bootstrap template. It combines simple html with a few JavaScript elements in the portfolio and presentation pages with PHP and jQuery the collection related pages. The collection information is stored in a mySQL database and is complemented by a elements requested to the game database. The website also has a back office component available to logged in users that allows the information on the database to be updated by uploading xml files.